homer simpson, head slap, d'ohI cheated.  Yes, it’s serious, but I refuse to beat myself up over it.  I made sugar free chocolate chip cookies for my kids today and ate 3.  Well, actually, I ate two but I have every intention of eating another one.  I’m just fighting it for now.  If you must know, they melted in my mouth.  I make the best sugar free desserts on the face of this earth.  Deal with it.

I wonder if Jonathan will forgive me if I bring him some?

The fasting simply isn’t going to happen this time around.  I have too much stress and crap to deal with to try to do something like fasting which only adds three days of hellish stress and hunger to my life.  Do I need that?  Nope.

The attempt did serve a positive purpose though.

I was on a plateau, much like John was for a while, where I wasn’t losing anything even though I was sticking to the rules and eating correctly.  In fact, I was gaining.

So the attempt got me through the plateau, nine pounds under it, and I’m feeling much less lethargic and bloated.

I had starch today (the evil of chocolate chip cookies) but I expect Jonathan will burn that off my butt at boot camp tonight.  Yeah, that’s pretty much a given.


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