Ms. Figure Olympia 2009 Nicole Wilkins
This is the look I'm shooting for: Ms. Figure Olympia 2009 Nicole Wilkins

I know I’ve been hard on my scale lately, but sometimes the bathroom scale is just a hunk of stupid metal.  I’m going to share some numbers with you today.

When I started this transformation effort, here are the numbers I started with:

Weight: 176.8

Bodyfat: 33%

Bodyfat in pounds: 58.34

Lean Body Weight: 118.46

Clothing Size: 12/14

Today, the scale says I weigh 179.2 (a net gain of 2.4 pounds).  Now if I had only measured my weight when I started and not a million other metrics, I would have probably yelled “Son of a b*tch!” and thrown the scale out the window.  (Really, I would have.)  But I had something else to compare, bodyfat.  My bodyfat percentage this morning is 30% (a net loss of 3% bodyfat).

My clothing size in now an 8/10.

Let’s put this all into perspective now:

In the past month, I have lost 4.58 pounds of fat (JIGGLY, SLOPPY FAT) and gained 6.98 pounds of muscle (LEAN, FIRM, BODYSCULPTING MUSCLE).

Ladies and gentlemen, though the scale says I’ve gained weight, the fact of the matter is, I AM KICKING ASS!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!