An English friend of mine is notorious for saying those words.  He’s a cop in England, is forever being thrown into a fray, and rarely ever armed with more than a stick, so the policy serves him well.  It has served me well over the years too.

My weight bounced up to 173 over Christmas.  My stress level was pretty high and I self-medicated with some stollen (bread made with eggs, butter, raisins, cranberries, dates and almonds).  I expected there would be repercussions.  Today, I’m safely back in my “happy zone” at 171.  (I’d be happier at 169, but it’ll come in time.)  For now, the fact that I’m dealing with stress and lack of sleep have me feeling OK about where I’m at.

When I get back to my apartment on Friday (where the only foods available are healthy), I expect I’ll be able to make some serious headway into my plans for 2012.   Unlike SAXtreme’s social butterfly, John, I have no worries about how New Year’s Eve might derail my progress.  Sometimes being home alone is a very good thing!

I have both physical and professional goals for 2012 but I’ll limit this blog to just the physical since I’ll be going in depth into the professional ones on my blog at

Physical Goals for 2012:

1) Weigh 145 (lose 26lbs)
2) Drop half my bodyfat (from 30% to 15%)
3) Compete in the Lackland Classic (Figure Competition)
4) Run a half marathon

At this point, it looks like I’ll need to be in spectacular shape come November because the Rock’n’Roll Marathon is the day after the Lackland Classic.  Of course, when I asked John how many people compete in a bodybuilding show and then run a half marathon the next morning, he said “Practically all of them” so I suppose I was concerned for no reason.


figure competitor
From high heels to running shoes? What have I gotten myself into?

running woman