dream, isaac newtonMy youngest (3) has been having some issues sleeping these past few nights.  It was at about this age when my oldest started waking up during dreams and believing they were real too.  It is difficult to explain to a three year old that they weren’t actually eating grapes and nobody took the grapes, but it was all just a dream.  At two-o-clock in the morning it is difficult to explain anything to anyone!  So, after several wake-up calls per night for the past few nights, as you might guess, I’m in dire need of some REM sleep.  I just can’t seem to get a full 5 hours of sleep in one stretch and only taking a series of short naps throughout the night begins to take it’s toll on a body and a mind.

Let’s just say I’m feeling it.

I’m craving starch, I can’t get enough coffee and the face that I see in the mirror – I haven’t seen that one in a long time!

Since I have the kids on my own all week and won’t get into a boot camp class due to lack of a babysitter (and who can afford those anyway?), I’ll be going to Gold’s Gym this morning while the kids are at school.  I’m too tapped to take any chances doing anything with weights so I’ll find a bike or a treadmill and spin until I find an endorphin.

Time to wake the kids for school…