I’ve had a full week with no significant exercise and undue amounts of stress thrown on top of it.  Not a very good combination.  As you may recall, by December 9, I was already pretty overwhelmed with some family issues that wouldn’t go away and effects of a bad prescription from my doctor.  Then I had a week of broken sleep to contend with. This is life.  It happens.  There are things that we simply can’t control.  They hurt us emotionally and create physical health hazards but we press on anyway.

“Do all you can

with all you have

where you’re at.

Let the universe do the rest.”

I weighed in at 171 this morning, no change from yesterday.

Before this week of stress, going off the bad meds and then forgetting to take my thyroid medication all week (D’OH!  Did I mention that?  I have a thyroid that doesn’t work at all) my weight had crept up to 180.  I was still wearing smaller sizes but something weird was going on anyway.  From 180 to 171 after the week I’ve had is pretty darned good.

Now that I’m off the starch and don’t hear it constantly calling me, I’ll plan to get back to protein and veggies this week since I’ll be attending boot camps on M/W/F mornings and doing some extra biking in the afternoons.

Today, I’m relaxing outside the stress zone and just decompressing with a great website I plan to explore and some low stress work.

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