I weighed in five pounds lighter (175) today.  That’ll show that pizza, huh?

The fasting went well for most of the day yesterday since I was too busy running around with the kids to think about eating.  When things finally settled down was when the hunger pains started kicking in and some growling was heard.

four hour body tim ferrissRather than ruin a whole day of fasting for ketosis with the first starchy carb within reach, I opted for a handful of peanuts (ketosis likes protein and fat).  When that didn’t do it, I went Atkins Induction and had a hamburger patty.  I know.  I know.  Not much of a fast yet, eh?  If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t have the beef until after I weighed myself and realized I’d lost three pounds over the course of the day.  If I drop weight too quickly, I’ll be weak and lightheaded and I can’t afford that during a week when I’m parenting solo and one of my kids is sick.  I have no guilt about the burger.  Besides, it was all protein so it won’t interfere with my body’s transition to burning fat as fuel.

I didn’t have cayenne or lemon juice to do my day Master Cleanse style anyway.  I’d meant to buy some cayenne capsules in the morning but my son’s ear infection changed my plans.  Instead, I opted for what I had, cinnamon.  Yes, cinnamon.  Tim Ferriss, author of the Four-Hour Body turned me on to cinnamon as a fat burner and so far, I like it much better than cayenne!  Cayenne always irritates my stomach when I take it on an empty stomach but not so with the cinnamon.  I took about 8-1000mg capsules throughout the day.

Another thing I didn’t give up is the coffee.  Being with the kids 24/7 is no time to quit caffeine cold turkey!  I’m a caffeine addict and withdrawal is ugly.  My kids don’t need to see that.  I can go off coffee next week when I’m in ketosis and feeling energetic.

Today I’m jazzed about being back to 175 but hungry as hell.  The key here is for me to manage to stave off hunger while not interrupting my body’s transition from burning carbs to fat for fuel.  One starchy carb and it’s back to square one for me.  If I need to appease the hunger, it’ll be with protein.  Protein satisfies, saves muscle and doesn’t stop ketosis.

So my Master Cleanse has become a hybrid of methods but I think sometimes we assume that one method fits all and if we just stick to the rules, our bodies will follow along with the plan.  It has been my experience that this isn’t always so.  Every body is different and every lifestyle is different.  The important thing is to listen to your body and know your emotional limits when taking on something like this.

I’ve shared a few things I’ve learned about myself already:

  • Fat and protein consumption won’t interrupt the transition to fat burning.
  • Hunger makes me very cranky and I have little tolerance for it.
  • Cinnamon appears to be extremely effective and doesn’t irritate my stomach.
  • Giving up coffee at this stage of the game would be downright dangerous.
  • I won’t beat myself up for eating protein as I try to get through the hunger.

Sidenote: The hunger stops after three days.  The body just shuts it off.  It’s the human way of dealing with famine so we don’t lose our minds.

Have you ever dieted and learned something new about yourself in the process?  What was it?


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