On 14 November, I weighed 178 and had 33% bodyfat.  That’s 58.74lbs of FAT.

5 Weeks later, on 22 December, I weighed 171lbs and had 29% bodyfat.  That’s 49.59lbs of fat.

In the past five weeks, I have lost 7lbs of overall bodyweight and 9.15lbs of bodyfat.  That means I lost 9.15lbs of fat and gained 2.15lbs of muscle.

Modest, yes.  But if I keep up this rate of fat loss, I should hit my goal of 145lbs and 15% bodyfat in about 15 weeks (somewhere around the first week in April).  With 46 weeks to go to the Lackland Classic, that would leave me just over 30 weeks (7 months) to dial everything in with my diet and water intake, practice posing, get a tan, and get used to wearing two-piece bathing suits and super high heels for the show.

I know.

It doesn’t seem like enough time, does it?