lemonade diet, lemons, maple syrup, cayenneJohn did a great job of updating you on both of us today.

I had an opportunity last night to wear a size 8 dress I’d only worn once before, 8 years ago, so I took it.  I thought I looked pretty good but there were no confirmations from outside sources so your guess is as good as mine as to whether I was delusional or not.  Unfortunately, I didn’t ask anyone to take a picture of me for evidence.  The world may never know.

As happens whenever I just start to get into the groove of a fitness program, life jumped up and slapped me around a bit this week.  The combination of problems with the medication my doctor put me on and some serious family issues served to sufficiently sidetrack, distract and sap much of the positive high I had been riding last week.  I made the decision to go off the medication and then solved two out of three family issues.  The third was a stalemate so I need to just press on in spite of it.

Continued nausea from residual meds in my system kept me from going to boot camp yesterday.  I could barely stand without feeling faint so burpees and jump squats were definitely out of the question.  I felt badly about missing the workout but you have to know your limits.  Pushing too far on a bad day can cause even more setbacks if a person isn’t careful.  This week I’m single parenting my two sons while their father is out of town.  Their schedule won’t allow for me to make it to any of the five boot camp workouts offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Get Sexy San Antonio Boot Camps so I have my P90X DVDs, my Gold’s Gym membership and a trainer who will email me my workouts.  I’ll get my training in on schedule one way or another!

The medication issue has me tempted to do a cleansing fast this week.  It might be a good time to start one.  I’ll have to sleep on it.