If you’ve been following along, you know I cleared a whole laundry basket full of fat clothes out of my closet this past weekend.  It was a pretty exciting thing for me to finally be able to slide into my favorite clothes and get rid of all the frump-wear.

But the big question remained: What should I do with the fat clothes?

Throwing them away would have been wasteful and completely against everything I am.

If I had girlfriends nearby, I might have arranged a clothing swap.  Clothing swaps are fun.  My friends and I used to do it when I was in the military.  Everybody brings their gently used clothes to someone’s house (or barracks room in our case), you have a bottle of wine or a pitcher of margaritas and some snacks and rummage through your friends’ unwanted clothes to see what you want to take home with you.  Whatever is left behind is donated to a local charity like Goodwill or, in our case, the Airman’s Attic where they’d be given away free.

This week, a swap wasn’t an option and I also had bags of my youngest son’s clothes which he’d grown out of that needed to be worn by someone little.  I could have dropped them all off at Goodwill or the Salvation Army to be sold in thrift stores but that didn’t feel right.  Instead, I opted to contact Haven for Hope.

haven for hope, united way, ymca, homelessHaven for Hope is a homeless shelter right here in San Antonio and they had something I needed a good shot of.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives’ battles, we forget just how much we have to be grateful for.  I took my seven year old son with me and we were both able to put things into perspective and see just how lucky we are.  We dropped off all the bags of clothes we’d brought and, on the way home, we both wondered if we didn’t have a few other things we could live without.

Losing weight is great.  Fitting into your skinny clothes is exhilarating.

Just remember to keep it in perspective.  Those few extra pounds that vex you could be the least of your worries.  25,000 people in San Antonio experience homelessness during each year in San Antonio.

Give whenever you can.

Be grateful always.

Please consider making a donation of clothes, supplies, time or money to Haven for Hope.  Visit their website for details at http://www.havenforhope.org/.