I weighed in at 168 this morning.  Not bad considering I missed 2 out of 3 boot camps last week and that “kicking my training up a notch” plan was an epic fail last week due to family obligations and “Ladies’ Days”.  In my defense, I did bike for an hour last night.  It wasn’t high-intensity since I was biking while working on the computer but it was activity.  I have boot camp M/W/F this week so I’ll be adding the biking on my odd days.

The Bodyfat Factor

I really need to buckle down on this fat loss.  I would still like to get down to 145lbs but the fat loss is the big priority.  If I still weighed 168 but only had 15% bodyfat, that would be pretty darned awesome come competition time.  The thing is, if I maintain my current lean body weight (muscle) and just lose fat to a 15% bodyfat level, I’ll be looking at 145lbs.

My Wardrobe Issues

I have another laundry basket of clothes to pass along to my friends.  At a little over 20 pounds more to lose, I can see I’m going to be buying my clothes at thrift stores and giving away a lot more clothes before I can level out.

The Fuel Factor

I started the day with a whey protein shake with ½ cup sliced strawberries and a dash of true lemon (approx 50g protein).

Lunch was two small hamburger patties (approx 30g protein).

Dinner tonight is two small chicken breasts with pico de gallo, a sprinkle of cheddar and some celery stalks (approx 30g protein).

I’ll probably drink a whey shake with spinach before bed for another 50g protein and more veggies.

Factoring in Real Life

We all have lives and there are just some things we have to give priority to.  In my case, that’s my children.  My ex is still in the Air Force and he’ll be leaving soon for a two month training program so I’ll be single parenting.  He has a 3-bedroom house so the kids live with him and I have evenings free to go to boot camp, but when he’s gone, I move in with the kids and I’m on duty all but 3 hours in the morning while the little one is in pre-school.  There are no boot camps scheduled during those 3 hours and babysitters are expensive so I’m working on brainstorming how I’m going to keep my training on track for those two months.

Hopefully Jonathan can offer some suggestions?

Maybe it’s time he made workout DVDs?