tyra banks, size 8, tall women, weight loss
Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman at any size but drop dead gorgeous in this photo!

I weighed in at 166 today.  That’s right, I lost another pound over the weekend.  At 5’10” it’s a very good weight.  I wear a size 8 now.  Just to put it into perspective – see that dress Tyra Banks is wearing?  I can wear it now.  (Tyra, call me!)

Food as Fuel

I was talking to someone about my diet the other day and I used a term that seemed to get a reaction: “Food is fuel.”  To her, food is much more. 

  • It means eating out and being served.
  • It means fine dining and several courses.
  • It means entertaining friends. 

For me, it used to mean dulling the pain.

I’ve come to a point in my life where my goals, my dreams, my accomplishments are far more important to me than all those things.  We all have different goals and have to decide for ourselves where food fits into our lives, but I seem to have finally made the transition to “Food is Fuel”.

Being on a low budget helps.  I’m not accustomed to eating out all the time.  Looking at food as just fuel and not a pleasure center is not only economically smart for me but it also takes the stress out of how I’m going to pay for groceries.  Eating the same foods: chicken breasts, eggs, protein powder, frozen vegetables and canned pumpkin, makes my meal preparation quick and easy and allows me to spend more time on other, more important issues for me like building my businesses.

What does food mean for you?

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