I have been high-fiving the universe all day!

First there was the paying work that popped up out of the blue (as opposed to the pro-bono work which I love but does not buy gas for my Jeep).

Then there was the friend who needed help that I was poised perfectly to give.

And then came the weigh in at 169.

What’s that?  Huh?  What, you say?

That’s right!  I have finally blown through the 170 threshold and I’m in the 160’s!  BOO-YAH!

The first half of this video is pretty much the self-smack-talk that went on at my place this morning.

My goal is to get to 160 before the end of the month.  I know that’s pretty ambitious but with this no starch/no dairy ride Jonathan has me on, I believe it just may happen!

And this next video pretty much represents my excitement level…