muscletech, whey, protein, creatineWhen I was in the Air Force Security Forces, we had lots of cool terms to describe people and things but one of the very best terms someone could use to describe you was “High-speed, low-drag”.  It’s always been one of my favorites because I aspire to be as high-speed, low drag as possible.  I know quite a few HSLD folks but one guy I have to say epitomizes HSLD is Jonathan Acosta.  This guy runs four boot camps every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and they’re all packed because he guarantees results) and then he also does personal training all day and night on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  But somehow, this dynamo manages to watch my blogs and Facebook posts like Santa!

He knows when I’ve been sleeping, he knows when I’m awake, he knows if I’ve been bad or good (so I’m good or he’ll make me do burpees).

Jonathan is so on-the-ball it is almost unreal.  When I go in for boot camp, he knows exactly where I’m at with my diet, training, rest and recovery and in a 10 minute chat, we’ve accomplished lifestyle tweaks that take some trainers weeks to do.  Is it any wonder this guy ALWAYS delivers results?

And now, me…

There are a couple things I want to share just because I’m so excited about them.

  1. I always bought my whey protein from Sam’s Club because I could get a huge 6lb bag (74 servings) cheap.  The product they supplied was EAS 100% Whey.  I’ve always been a big fan of EAS products so it worked out well.  Then Sam’s stopped carrying EAS and went to Muscletech 100% Whey Protein Plus.  I read the label and there was way more than just whey in the bag, as well as a few extra carbs, so I was hesitant to make the purchase.  (I hate those super sweet protein drinks.)  As it turns out, I’m glad I finally broke down and bought it.  This product delivers the same amount of protein, has creatine (generally a very expensive but important supplement in building muscle), tastes great and clearly has some seriously good stuff my body needs!  (More on that on #2.)  In case you’re wondering, I got the vanilla.  My favorite mixes are with strawberries, raspberries or cocoa powder and instant coffee.
  2. Something muscular is happening here!  When the light hits just right, I can almost see something abdominal happening, but that’ll take more time, dieting and tanning before it amounts to anything.  Two muscle groups I’m pretty pumped (heh-heh) about are my quadriceps (thighs) and triceps (the back of the upper arm).  Nobody likes having thunderthighs that jiggle, so I’m really happy to see all those squats paying off with a nice muscular sweep.  The pushups are paying off too!  I don’t have a tangle of twisted steel for arms, but the batwings that the women in my family have been cursed with are gone and a lovely diagonal of muscle has taken their place.  It is really exciting to see my body changing so much in such a short time.

Today isn’t a boot camp day, so I’ll get on my bike/desk to work when I get home this evening.  Since it’s mindless pedaling while I work on my computer it isn’t the sort of high-intensity interval training I really should be doing, but when I do it for an hour and a half it probably equates to about 20 minutes of HIIT.  We do what we can while trying to balance our lives, right?

How’s your balance?