Yesterday was “Refeed” or “Cheat” day for me.  As you know, I’ve spent the last two weeks being very good about eating only protein and vegetables and you’ve seen the photos that prove my trainer’s advice is paying off.  When he advised me that I needed to refeed, I followed his advice.  I had all those foods I thought I loved and, as it turns out, I don’t love them like I used to.

I woke up early and energetic, (weighing in at 165)  but when I had four homemade sugar-free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, it felt like someone had hit me with a horse tranquilizer.  The rest of the day went much the same.  A slice of pizza made me pass out while watching one of my favorite shows.  I was slow, sluggish and sleepy all day.

This morning, after eight full hours of sleep, I’m ready to detox!

green tea, smooth move, tru lemon, lipton
The Recovery Kit

I weighed in at 169 today, four pounds over my latest low of 165.  (Not panicking.)  Those four pounds will come off within the next few days as I flush my body with water and green tea to get rid of the water retention and bloat from eating starches and salty foods.  More weight should come off a little faster as my metabolism speeds up from the refeed and I start training a little more this week.

My next milestone, in case you’re wondering, is 157.  That’s the least I have ever weighed as an adult (age 24) and it didn’t happen until I’d completed six months of basic training and technical training at the USAF Security Police Academy here in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base, back in 1991.

When I hit 157, I’m pretty sure there should be a party of some sort.

Don’t you think so?