I weighed in at 166 again today after some cheating last night.  I had 15 coconut M&Ms (yes, I counted) and a glass of wine.  You guessed it, it was a hell of a day!

My trainer, Jonathan Acosta, asked me to take a cheat (refeed) day this weekend since we’ve been doing the no-starch thing for nearly 2 weeks now.

I asked him if I had to.  (I’ve been feeling particularly energetic lately which has helped me get through some pretty stressful stuff with only the slightest cheating.)

He said “Yes” and I didn’t fight it.  He’s the pro and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet!  What he’s asking me to do is Rule #5 in his blog “The 9 Rules of Fat Loss”.  (If you aren’t following his blog yet, get on over to www.thefitnessprodigy.com/ and make sure you subscribe!)  So, since I HAVE TO, I’m planning on enjoying a cheeseburger and a margarita (at the very least) on Saturday.  There are some chocolate chip cookies that are going to disappear too.  That’ll give me Sunday to work off all the starch, fat and sugar that will no doubt slow me down.  The purpose though, in case you didn’t click on the link and read what Jonathan had to say on the topic, is to kickstart my metabolism which has been going on low clean calories for the past two weeks.  This one day of cheating will kick it up a notch and then I’ll go back to the clean eating and hopefully lose more fat like I have been.

Before I start this big refeed adventure on Saturday, I’ll be taking another set of pictures.  I’m no glamour girl yet but I know I’m looking better than my initial photos.

See you Saturday!

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