I started by checking the big data – weight and bodyfat percentage and broke down how much weight was fat.  (Let me tell you, that is a hell of a motivational number right there!)

Date            Weight                  Bodyfat %             Fat lbs

14 Nov       178lbs                  33% Bodyfat         59

7 Jan          167lbs                  29% Bodyfat         48

Change      -11lbs                   -4% Bodyfat          -11

As you can see, I’ve only lost bodyfat, no lean muscle, and that is excellent news for my metabolism.  The more muscle we have, the higher our metabolism.  My final goal for appearing at the Lackland Classic in November follows:

Goal          145lbs                  15% Bodyfat         22lbs Fat

And here’s how far I have left to go:

Gap        -22lbs                   -14% Bodyfat        -26lbs Fat

If I can keep up the current pace, which is reasonably slow and steady, I can make my goal by the end of April.

My second set of measurements to focus on was my actual measurements in inches:

Date                      Bust  Waist Hips

14 November        40in  34in  42in

7 Jan                     38in  32in  40in

Change                 -2in   -2in   -2in

I’ve lost 6 inches in 8 weeks.  Respectable.  (I’ve also lost inches in my arms and legs but didn’t bother including them here.)  It took time to gain the inches and it’ll take time to lose them so I have no intention of trying to take any shortcuts and jeopardizing my progress.

My goal is a classic:

                   Bust            Waist            Hips

Goal            36in             24in            36in

And here’s how far I have left to go:

Gap             Bust -2in    Waist -8in   Hips -4in

It’s happening!

A good friend of mine asked yesterday if I was on a mission.

My answer was a resounding “Yes”.

You see, I’ve never dated or married anyone who was supportive of my goal to compete (a dream of mine for over 20 years).  Now that I’m not married or dating, I can put it all into perspective.  I don’t need to be a professional at this but it’s important for me to get in the best shape I can – to know if I could step on a stage or not.

It’s time for me to get some of the things that I want and accomplish my own goals instead of supporting others’ all the time.  Never leave your dreams in someone else’s hands.  It only leads to disappointment.

“It’s my time.  It’s my life.  I can do what I like.”