Yes, I’m pumped up today!  I’m looking forward to a new year, a new me and a whole new life.  I’ll be honest with you, the holidays stunk.  I’m pretty excited about having survived them.  I’ll spare you the details and focus on the transformation talk though.

spinach, omelet, healthy fats, nuts

My brilliant trainer, Jonathan Acosta, has suggested we try a couple weeks of non-nonsense, hard core pre-contest style dieting.  So here we are on day one.  So what does all that mean?  It means nothing but protein, vegetables and healthy fats.  As I’m on a low budget this month, that translates to a spinach omelet (see picture) and one ounce of mixed nuts for breakfast.  And let’s not forget my 10-20 ounces of pseudo-espresso made by using Turkish ground coffee in the Keurig.  (I pray there won’t be a day when Jonathan says I have to cut out coffee.)

I only ate half the omelet as it was made with 3 eggs and 2 cups of frozen spinach.  The rest will be lunch.  (It’s easier to cook two meals at once when you’re cooking for one.)  Truth be told, the omelet was more like a block of spinach held together with egg.  The eggs really had a secondary role in that meal.  Regardless, it was good, clean and filling.

My new mantra:

My abs are worth it. 

I can’t really see them yet but I know they’re in there struggling to show themselves.  That’s the point of this protein & veggies only plan.  I’ll take a picture and post it on Saturday, January 14th so we can all decide if it helped any.  (I’ll tell you right now, I took some pictures today and there’s been some vast improvements so two weeks of this sort of dieting should make for some remarkable photos.)

There’s no boot camp today so I’m about to get rolling with my bike desk.  (Click here to check out the blog where I introduce this bad boy.)

I’ve got things to do but if you’re just surfing, go to Jonathan Acosta’s blog and read some of the entries.  If you need positivity and motivation, this guy gives it to with straight talk and no BS.

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