Somebody writes a book about writing.  Their so-called PR firm buys an email list of authors and sends them all an email with the subject line “Please tell all your writer friends” and the body of the email is the book promo blurb.  (This could be a book about anything and a request to tell your readers too.)

This is a crappy thing to do for 3 reasons:

1) You’re spamming authors to request an endorsement.  If I promote somebody’s work, I’m endorsing them.  Don’t tell me to spam my associates when I’ve never seen the product and have no knowledge of the author.

Or as my father would say: “Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.”

2) This makes the marketer and the author look bad.

3) You’re treating the author like a chump because you’re making them pay for your so-called marketing expertise which is really just half-assed spam.

Don’t be that marketer.

Don’t be that author.

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