A Taste of Liberty by Lisa Pietsch

I woke this morning to see The Path to Freedom had been downloaded over 600 times as I slept last night.  Over 9,000 free copies have been downloaded this weekend!

My hope is that some of those readers will stick around for A Taste of Liberty, the next book in the series, which I’ll be re-releasing on Tuesday.  Don’t have a Kindle?  Download the free app for your desktop, tablet or phone here.

Freedom’s Promise, the third book in the series is also ready to release soon.

As for Stealing Liberties, book #4, I plan to make some quality time for that manuscript so I can finish it before summer.  It is twice the book The Path to Freedom was so it’ll be a big project but I’m feeling really motivated to see so many people interested in Sarah Stevens and the team.

Have you read The Path to Freedom?  Who is your favorite character so far?