Last Friday, I ran a promotion at to give away my novel “The Path to Freedom” FREE for 5 days.  During those 5 days, Amazon and I gave away 15,518 copies and it made #1 in Amazon’s Action & Adventure rankings for free books.  Knowing that 15,518 people had my book in their Kindles was pretty exciting but, as it happens, a few of them actually read it!

For those of you who have commented on my website, Facebook, Amazon or emailed me personally, thank you very much!  “The Path to Freedom” is now back to the $0.99 selling price and Sarah’s Summer” and “A Taste of Liberty” have been available since Monday of this week.  This week’s sales of all three books combined have been over 500 copies.  I only get a small percentage ($0.35) of sales revenue and I’m only selling them for $0.99 each but these sales have shown me that somebody besides me likes this team and their stories.

Not long ago, I had come to the conclusion that it might just be time to retire Task Force 125.  Then I tried this giveaway experiment that went unbelievably right.  Since readers are still asking for more, I’m planning to re-release Freedom’s Promise at the beginning of March.  I’ve also ordered the cover art for Stealing Liberties (Book#4 that has never been released) and it is scheduled to arrive at the end of March.  Needless to say, when I’m not working for dollars (Cover art costs a chunk of change and a girl’s gotta eat – royalty payments only come quarterly) I’ll be working on the final draft of Stealing Liberties.  I have a few beta readers who have agreed to look the manuscript over when I’m done and now I’m working on booking an editor for the job.

Hopefully I can make it all happen before readers lose interest in Task Force 125.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of my books yet, please visit my Author Page at and check them out!


Thanks for reading!