little caesars, pizza, food sensitivityPizza: Water retention, stiff joints, puffy eyes, carb hangover.

I felt lousy when my alarm went off at 5am.  I’m up to 167 so I’m not quite into the “Guilt Zone” yet, but it’s coming tomorrow if I don’t do things right today.

I started the day with a whey protein & banana smoothie and a large cup of coffee.  Turns out a banana makes it too sweet.  I won’t do that again.

I still have a big bowl of buffalo chicken salad in the fridge so I’ll have some of that later today.  I have some tilapia fillets I plan to cook up for tomorrow.  Yum!  If you haven’t tried tilapia yet, get some!  20g protein in one fillet and all the right fats.  Good stuff!

Time for me to feed the little one lunch (I taught him how to make rice in the rice cooker – HE can eat carbs).  Once he’s settled with lunch, I’m riding my bike for a while.  After that, green tea and lots of it!

Has anybody else out there noticed any particular foods that don’t treat them well the next day?