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On December 31, 2011, I decided to stop doing what everyone expected of me and what conventional wisdom says one should do when they find themselves in my particular situation.  (Conventional wisdom’s prognosis was pretty bleak so I threw it out the window.)

I asked myself a simple question: What work brings you joy?

I answered honestly: Marketing.

WHAT? You say.  Not writing fiction?  Not blogging?  Not writing freelance articles?  Not staying home and baking cupcakes?

Nope.  None of those things get me so jazzed I can work an 18-hour day and not even realize time has passed.  None of those things put a gleam in my eye.  None of those things make me so happy to work that I forget to eat.

But marketing does.

I knew I had some good qualifications to get started – I’d been involved with social media, content creation, marketing strategy and execution for online communities for over a decade and even worked as a consultant for a publisher as well as consulting for authors for most of the past year – but I wanted hard, start-to-finish data to drop in front of a prospective employer.  Something that would make me undeniable.

So I chose three authors, approached them about being my case studies (my “quals”) and they agreed.

This is what I’ve done in the first month (technically only 3 weeks):

Social Media/Marketing Progress

January 8-31, 2012

Tina Gerow http://www.tinagerow.com

  • Went from 394 Facebook subscribers to 560 (+166).
  • Now has a Facebook Fan Page with 204 Fans (+204).
  • Now has a Goodreads Author Page with 127 Friends and 12 Fans (+127/+7)
  • Has gone from a Marketing Grade of 29 to 54 (+25).
  • Has gone from a Klout of 33 to 53 (+20).

Buffy Christopher http://www.buffychristopher.com

  • Now has a Facebook Fan Page with 121 Fans (+121).
  • Now has 74 Goodreads friends and Goodreads will be changing her profile to an author profile shortly (+74).
  • Went from 81 Twitter followers to 86 (+5).
  • Sales ranks at Amazon have skyrocketed:
    • Midnight first 3 (From 197,344 rose to 66,495) (+130, 849)
    • Mating Moon (From 209,566 rose to 72,186) (+137,380)
    • Bound by Darkness (From 289,028 rose to 62,990) (+226,038).
    • Went from a Marketing Grade of 59 to 68 (+9).
    • Went from a Klout of 11 to 12 (+1).

Virginia Nelson http://virginianelson.blogspot.com/

  • Blog page views have risen from 1338 in December to 1557 in January (+219).
  • Went from 651 Facebook friends to 669 (+18).
  • Went from 19 Facebook Fans to 120 (+101).
  • Went from 141 Goodreads Friends and 8 fans to 237 friends and 16 fans (+96/+8).
  • Went from a Marketing Grade of 63 to 65 (+2).
  • Went from a Klout of 59 to 62 (+3).

THIS is the kind of data that really trips my trigger!

So, you keep doing whatever it is you do that puts the gleam in your eye and give me a call when you want to kick things up a notch.  Everyone has a brand.  Are you ready to tell the world about yours?