I’ve been holding at 166 for weeks now.

Mother nature has come and gone again and luckily my chocolate cravings hit just as I received a bag of Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee from one friend and a massive box of Godiva biscuits from another for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a good thing we women burn an extra 15% of calories during that special week because I was a chocolate eating fool!  If you add to that the fact that I have not been exercising then you have some pretty damning information on me.

It’s OK, I’ll admit it – I have not been giving this the attention it deserves.

On the up side, I’ve been out to eat a few times and always ordered foods that were good for me.  I had Thai food for the first time on Tuesday.  I ordered Rama Chicken which was chicken breast meat on a bed of deep green steamed broccoli topped with a peanut sauce.  (Everything is better with peanut butter on it!)  It was delicious!  Rice was served on the side but I didn’t touch one grain of it.  I ate half the chicken and broccoli and had the other half for lunch on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I had lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse and ordered the Parmesan Chicken.  It came with a side salad and instead of the potato, I had their garden vegetable mix.  I ate the salad (left the croutons) and then ate half the chicken and vegetables.  I took the rest of it home for a delicious dinner (which I forgot to eat at a normal time – it was about 8pm when I finally ate).  Bad Lisa.

Beginning Monday, my ex husband will be out of town for a couple months so I’ll be settling into a routine with the kids at their house.  I’m bringing my bike/desk, kettlebell and P90X DVDs and I’m going to use ALL of them!

Here’s what my measurements are looking like these days:

Weight: 166 (lost 5lbs since December even though my workouts have been rare)

Waist: 31.5 (A loss of 1.5 inches since December.)

Hips: 40 (One less inch since December.)

Bust: 39 (I don’t mind not losing there!)

I’ve also lost a half inch from each thigh and dropped 2% bodyfat since December.

I accept the fact that there will always be ups and downs with plateaus in between.  This is a long term lifestyle I’m working on and the changes won’t happen overnight.  With that in mind, the ticker on my computer is reminding me that I only have 265 days left until the Lackland Classic.

Wow!  It’s been 100 days.  Let’s take a look at my first 100 days:

I’ve lost 10 pounds, 8.5 inches and 3% bodyfat.

Another 200 days with progress like that and I’ll be doing alright – not “step-on-stage” alright, but pretty darned good.

I need to kick this up a notch and cut a lot more fat.  Is anyone still out there?  I could use a kick in the butt once in a while so feel free to leave a comment or email me at Lisa@saxtreme.com if you don’t see any blogs from me.

Please don’t let me slack off?!