I have one week on my own before I move back in with the kids at the ex’s house at Lackland.  I’ve got a lot to do too – new clients, boot camps, off-day workouts and book releases.

I picked up 6 new clients this week to add to the 4 I had.  That’ll be a lot of sitting-on-my-butt time at the computer.  I’ll need to incorporate the bike desk into some of that so I can try to burn off some fat.

I’ll need to get used to getting up super early before the kids every morning so I’ll be trying to make the early boot camps this week.  Wish me luck!  It means waking up at 5am.

My off-day workouts need to power up to more than just a couple hours at the bike desk.  I need muscle building and calorie burning so some time at Gold’s Gym will be in order.  If I had a bathing suit that fit me I’d go swimming in the evening, but they all got donated when I shrunk out of them.

I have some books coming out this week too.  This weekend, I made my first novel, The Path to Freedom, available free at Amazon.com.  So far the response has been overwhelming and over 8,000 people have downloaded it.  That response, for which I am unbelievably grateful, made me rethink the planned release dates of the second, third and fourth books in the series.  I’ve moved up the release for book #2 to Tuesday so there are a few preparations I need to make before then.  I’ll need to get book #3 ready as well.

I’m very excited about trying some new foods this week!   (I love trying new foods but prefer to do it with friends.  If I’m going to eat alone, I’ll do it at home.)

Tuesday evening I have plans with Netta, who will be blogging here at Xtreme Transformations soon.  We’re going out for some Mongolian Barbeque and then we’ll paint the town red.

thai foodThursday, Ana, who blogs with us at www.SAXtreme.com about her vegetarian lifestyle has offered to introduce me to Thai food.  John will be there too so we should both have interesting food stories for you on Friday.  As I understand it, John likes his Thai food as hot as it can possibly get.

Believe it or not, pumpkin is rather difficult to find in grocery stores during the non-holiday season.  I finally managed to find some canned pumpkin at WalMart and stocked up.  I’m looking forward to lots of pumpkin pie smoothies for breakfasts & lunches this week!  Mm-mm good!

That’s what’s going on here this weekend.  How are you doing?  Any breakthroughs or frustrations?  Are you still out there?