I’m back down to 165 again.  It was a long time recovering from that cheat day I took two weeks ago.  I think this proves my theory that I need to just stay away from starch.

I’ve also found that every evening I end with a glass of wine or a margarita is followed by weight loss the next morning.  There is no physiological reason for this that I’m aware of, but it’s a theory I’d like to put into practice 5 nights a week (my trainer’s rule is 5 drinks a week and I can live with that).

I have the kids this week so I’ll be working out at Gold’s Gym between the times when Pre-K and the big kids are released.  The wee one should enjoy the playroom time at the gym.

*For you moms using childcare issues as an excuse to not work out, both Gold’s Gym and Bally Total Fitness offer childcare at their gyms.  My gym membership at Gold’s is $32/month and includes childcare when I work out.  Check your local gyms to see who offers childcare and then check the internet for membership specials.  Your health should be important to you but it’s also especially important to your children.  If that’s not motivation enough to exercise, I don’t know what is. 

I’m looking forward to a hard workout.   I need to get back to working out again after a week off.

How did that happen?!

No worries.  I put in many hours at my bike desk last week.