What happens when a bunch of highly trained super spies have a week off?

Pretty much the same as when they go to work: barroom brawls, arms deals, Russian mobsters, and a body left on a beach. The only difference is, when they’re off duty, mom comes by for happy hour. Sarah’s Summer is a short romp for the Task Force 125 characters between The Path to Freedom and A Taste of Liberty, Sarah Stevens’ first and second missions with Task Force 125.

I’m giving the original version of A Taste of Liberty the once over this morning before uploading it to Amazon.com.  If all goes well, I’ll have it loaded tonight and it’ll be available first thing tomorrow morning.

Though my original plan in The Story That Must Be Told was to rework A Taste of Liberty (book#2) and Freedom’s Promise (book#3), the fact that 12,000 people have downloaded The Path to Freedom over this past weekend has changed my mind.  These first three books are done and need to be available while I get cracking on this semi-finished manuscript for Stealing Liberties (book#4).

If you were one of those 12,000 people, thanks for that kick in the pants.  I needed it!