oster blend n goBlender: I’ve tried other mixers and blender cups, but the Oster Blend-n-Go does the best job.  My smoothies are lumpy as poop without it.

Desk Bike: I spend too much time at a desk not to be pedaling.  I find I miss it if I go for more than a day without it.

The Incredible, Edible Egg: So easy, so versatile, individually wrapped and it’s super-clean protein, duh!

Frozen Vegetables: Otherwise I may not bother to eat vegetables at all.  I love salads, but food preparation when I have my kids around is nearly impossible.

mio liquid water enhancermio energy, gaurana, caffeine, water enhancerWater Enhancers: TruLemon and Mio help me get in the second, third and fourth liters of the day.  I like the Orange Tangerine flavor (includes B3, B6 & B12) and I picked up some Mio Energy today (caffeine, gaurana and lots of B vitamins).  I’m not keen on anything cherry flavored unless there’s some chocolate along for the ride, so I went with Green Thunder.  I was hoping for a lemon-lime but it’s got some apple flavor too.  Strange but tasty.  What I like about Mio is it is sweetened with Splenda (Sucralose) and that doesn’t make me retain water like aspartame (found in most diet drinks) does.  Bonus: it’s small and travels well in a purse!