golden eagleOn January 13th, I weighed in at 165 and had 29% bodyfat.

That’s 47.85lbs of fat.  Eeew.

Today I weighed in at 166 with 28% bodyfat.  I know.  It doesn’t seem that impressive, does it?  That’s still 46.48lbs of fat.  But it is 1 pound of fat that I’m not dragging around anymore.

On the bright side, it isn’t like I need to lose all my bodyfat.  After all, we have some very important internal organs that need a fat buffer and, well, the girly bits require a dash of fat as well.

My goal for the Lackland Classic in November is 15% bodyfat so if I were to come in at 166 with 15% bodyfat that would be 25lbs of fat.  (Which would be out of this world, Cory Everson Ms. Olympia coolness) So, on the bright side, I only need to lose 21.48lbs.  Of course, if I just lose that much weight in fat, I’ll come in at 145 and 15% – which is still pretty awesome.  If I build muscle along the way, woo-hoo!

Long story short:  I’ve been pretty lax this past month and need to get my butt in gear.  Staying in the 166 range has been good considering I haven’t been here in a very, very long time.  I still have 21lbs to lose before I can start thinking about tanning, swimsuit shopping and posing practice.

Time to get this thing off the ground!