motivationMy son’s teacher from last year stopped me in the school hallway this week to tell me how good I look lately.  (For a person who lives alone, works at home and isn’t dating, it’s a very nice thing to hear once in a while.)  I weighed in at 166 today.  It seems to be a number I can maintain reasonably well now.

Don’t panic!  I’m not stopping.

I could probably maintain 200 reasonably well too but that doesn’t mean I want to!

I’ve been eating some starch this week so my muscles are looking full, which is pretty awesome when I look at my triceps.  My arms have always been my weakest point and triceps my weakest muscle, but my biceps, triceps and deltoids have really improved since I started working with Jonathan.  My abdominals are coming in too.  They aren’t a washboard yet but there’s a whole lot less fat covering them up.

I have noticed that sleepiness around mid-day can be a real issue when I eat starches.  I’ve been limiting them to only before noon and getting some exercise in the afternoon which seems to head off the zzzs.  My consulting work is really picking up and I have the kids 24/7 for the next two weeks so an afternoon nap is out of the question.

Since I’m maintaining my weight well while eating starches daily this week, I’m going to start some carb rotation on Monday.  (Here is an article that describes what carbohydrate rotation is and how I’ll be using it.)  My hope is to drop a few more pounds of fat and weigh 160 as March rolls in.

Only 37 weeks to the Lackland Classic…