We all start out with good intentions to exercise every day and eat right.  We expect that we can just sail along as planned, but life happens.  Deadlines at work, a new job, out of town visitors, illness, injuries, any one of these things can send us hurtling off the wagon.  A combination of just a couple of these things can knock us down for a while.  I fell off the wagon, hard.

I’ve been caught up in deadlines, work, moving, parenting and tempted by drive-thrus.

I’ve been distracted by my foot injury and slacked off on my workouts.

I’ve snacked on starches and slacked on protein.

This is my last week of single parenting 24/7 (at least for three weeks).  Next week I have to pack and move from my southside loft to my new hill country home and the week after that I have surgery to deal with.  Every one of those is a great excuse to set aside exercise and diet but the fact is, summer is coming up on us fast and I have every intention of looking fantastic in a bathing suit!  I still need to take it easy on my foot as the bone heals, but it is definitely time to dial in my diet.  No more “one chip won’t kill me” or “it’s just a small cookie” justifications for cheating.  I’m cracking down on myself!

lean system 7, 7 keto I did my food preparation for the week.  I made a modified pumpkin custard with whey protein instead of condensed milk, cut up a huge bowl of romaine and celery, grilled chicken breasts, bought a reusable cooler cup for smoothies and laid in a good supply of frozen berries and Mio.  I’m ready!

animal pakI’m not going cold turkey though.  I’m allowing myself one bagel for breakfast and then the rest of the day will be protein and vegetables.  I’m taking my supplements as I have been.  Every morning I start with vitamin D, cinnamon, an Animal Pak, 2 Lean System 7 capsules, 2 carb blockers, and prescription Synthroid and Claritin.  (The carb blockers and Lean System 7 have been keeping the bagels from putting any extra weight on me.  Once the bagels are gone, I’ll stop taking carb blockers but continue the Lean System 7.)  I’ve found that when I cheat, LS7 keeps it from causing any damage but when I don’t cheat and take LS7 that’s when I get fantastic results.


I’m steady at 162 with 28% bodyfat.  At 5’10” and 44 years old, these numbers are quite respectable.  My BMI is 23.2 (healthy range being 18.5-24.9).  The healthy weight range for me is 152-173 and a healthy bodyfat range for me is 23-35%.  By all normal standards, I’m doing alright!

By a figure competitor’s standards, It’s time to dial it in and drop some fat.  Average contest levels for figure competitors seem to be 12-16%.  Modern medical professionals seem to agree that women shouldn’t go below 13-17% bodyfat.  The specific number is different for everyone but if a woman takes her bodyfat too low, bad things can happen.  One of the signals that we’ve gone too low is when we stop menstruating.  This is known as amenorrhea and the lack of menstruation usually isn’t the problem but a side effect.  The problem is you’re experiencing a decrease in hormones that can cause premature bone loss due to insufficient estrogen production.  I’m all for not menstruating, but bone loss, hair loss and all the other issues that go along with that are not something I care to play with!  My goal now is not the weight, but the bodyfat.  If I can drop 10% bodyfat (bringing me down to 18%) then I’ll be in a safe spot as far as my hormones are concerned and can evaluate how much further I’ll need to go during pre-contest dieting.  The less time I spend in the low bodyfat danger zone the better.

So there you have it!  With 214 days (30 weeks) left to the Lackland Classic, I have about 10% bodyfat to lose (roughly 19lbs of fat).

Hold on!  It’s gonna be an interesting ride!

jenny lynn, figure olympia
The look I'm going for, courtesy of Ms. Figure Olympia Jenny Lynn