I met Rue Allyn through RomVets, a great gang of dames that have served their countries in the armed forces (some still do) and now write.   You can find her new story, Off Limits, available at red Sage Publishing for only $2.29.  Well worth it!


red sage, off limits, rue allynMy thanks to Lisa for allowing me to share with you my thoughts and news of my erotic romance, Off Limits (now available from Red Sage Publishing).  Lisa isn’t simply a friend and fellow veteran, she’s my coach, my guru of marketing magic, so a small amount of self-imposed pressure (Lisa is to kind to ever apply any sort of pressure in this situation) is involved in this post.  I’m pretty sure I can handle it, though, and you can let me know how well I did by leaving a comment or sharing your own pressure situations.

The pressure to perform that I feel writing this blog is minor compared to the pressures that my characters, Senior Chief Hank O’Mara and Lieutenant Bethany Morton feel as they confront the unexpected and irresistible force of passion and love.  When that irresistible force collides with the immovable object of duty and obedience to military law and regulations disaster seems to be the only possible result.

I’ll tell you that I did not write a tragedy, but if you want to know how Hank and Bethany deal with the pressures they encounter, you’ll need to read the story.  As encouragement, you can find a sample at Red Sage Publishing and more information at the Rue Allyn website.  Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.  I’ll be giving a free download of my previous release, The Widow’s Revenge, to one lucky commenter.