I’ve been slacking off on my blogging lately so I thought I should probably drop an update.

The transformation (http://xtremetransformations.wordpress.com) that I started in November 2011 has stalled a bit but I’m still in there.  I started 2011 weighing in at over 200lbs.  Not my proudest moment but it was shortly after I had finally declared my marriage dead and I had self-medicated with a lot of starch.  By the end of 2011, I was down to 170.  Having lost 40lbs that year was something to be proud of.  Now, amidst parenting, injuries, moving to a new home and getting my career off the ground, I still have the Figure competition at the Lackland Classic in my sights.  (You’d think it would be enough to get my weight down and get fit, but no, I have to be competitive about it.  That’s how I roll!)

lisa pietsch

In 2011 I started a new career as a marketing consultant.  I worked mostly with authors in 2011.  I’m finishing some work with clients like Buffy Christopher (http://buffychristopher.com/), Virginia Nelson (http://virginianelson.blogspot.com/), Tina Gerow (http://www.tinagerow.com/) and currently working with Donna Barker (http://www.donnabarker.com/) on her social media platform for her upcoming “Drinking Scotch with Strangers”.  I’ve also branched out to work with service providers, executives, restaurants, publishers, graphic artists and models.  It is exciting work that I truly enjoy so I look forward to doing more of it this year.  I’ve joined forces with the amazing advertising brain, Jeanie Valenzuela, on a project for Fresh Fiction.  Fresh Fiction is a great site for readers and authors and I’m exploring both sides of that now (http://freshfiction.com/contest.php?id=4254).  One of the big events that Fresh Fiction hosts every year is Readers & Ritas (http://readers-n-ritas.org/blog/).  This year, as I’ve self-published my Task Force 125 series, I’ve agreed to sponsor their Romance Trading Cards Pages in the gorgeous binder they’re giving to all attendees this year.  Though hard core romance readers will argue that my books aren’t true romance, and I agree, I’m still very excited to be a part of this fantastic event.


We’ve recently put the finishing touches on the articles for the Fiesta Issue of SAXtreme Magazine (http://saxtreme.com/).  John Knotts (http://johnrknotts.wordpress.com/) and I created SAXtreme in 2011 and this will be our third issue published.  We’re very excited about where this project is going and how it is helping people in the San Antonio area to realize just how much healthy fun there is to be had here.  As part of our work on SAXtreme Magazine, we’ve partnered with the American Diabetes Association Expo this year (http://www.diabetes.org/in-my-community/expo/2012/san-antonio-expo-2012/) and we’ll be talking to folks there this Saturday about some of the great ideas and information we have in our free magazine and how they can use it to control their diabetes.

el castillo de las tres reinas

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m moving but it is finally becoming a reality.  On Saturday, my ex returns from two months away and will resume his place at our kids’ house and I will start moving from my tiny 500 square foot transitional apartment to a glorious 4,000 square foot home in the Texas Hill Country (the kids love it!).  The two places are like night and day!  Of course I’m not independently wealthy so I have two housemates and I’ll be working some long days and nights to pay my end of the rent but the beautiful home and location will be well worth it.  A part of this whole new life and inner peace thing I’m vibing on lately, I’ll be checking out a new church this weekend (http://www.brcc.net/).  I was raised Catholic and had some bad experiences with the church, as many Catholics have, so although I’ve always considered myself very spiritual, I’ve never really felt comfortable in a church.  I’m thinking this one may be worth a look.  Speaking of reality…I’ll soon be in talks with my housemates about a possible online reality show, The Three Drama Queens.  Look for details on that project coming soon!

task force 125

And last but not least on my project list is my writing.  All my friends tell me I should be a writer so I may finally take that challenge.  LOL  The first three books in the Task Force 125 series are available at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Lisa-Pietsch/e/B002BMMGCK) for only 99 cents each.  I also host the occasional giveaway.  I’m working on the fourth book in the series, Stealing Liberties, which is a story that is very dear to me.  In fact, this series has been running parallel to my life in many ways for some time now.  This fourth book hits particularly close to home.  In addition to that, there are loads of new characters, two main storylines and a bit of subplot.  It’s been quite a stretch for this hack writer.  I have a whole list of other projects I hope to self-publish once Stealing Liberties is released (My goal release date is my birthday, May 14th).  I have a postapocalyptic zombie adventure that will never be mistaken for romance.  It is just action, blood, brains and goofy dialogue.  Then I have an erotic romance that is off the heat charts.  I never thought I’d be able to write something like that but I have a new muse that has been quite cooperative.  I have a hundred other stories I’d like to write but I think these, along with my other projects, will keep me busy for a while.

Thanks for reading!