I know most of you started reading my blog to find out more about Sarah Stevens and the Task Force 125 team or you tuned in for the Hot Guys with Guns blogs, but there are a few other things going on in my life these days so I thought it was time to catch up.

Sarah Stevens (My Fiction Writing)

I’m still working on it, but this latest book about Sarah and the other members of Task Force 125 is the biggest story I’ve done to date and I don’t want to rush it, even though most of you will read it in a weekend!  Once school lets out for the summer, my schedule will open up considerably and I hope to get this installment in the series finished and published as soon as possible.  I’m also hoping to get paperbacks of all the Task Force 125 books out this summer too.

Hot Guys With Guns

I haven’t posted any new ones for a while.  Truth be told, I’m finding the real ones very distracting lately.

The good news is you can still find all the eye candy you’re looking for here in the Hot Guys with Guns archives.

My Magazine

SAXtreme Magazine, the magazine John Knotts and I started last fall now has three issues available and we’re happy to report there will be many more to come despite the silly rumors a new local women’s fitness magazine is spreading to the contrary.  You can check out our free, green, totally electronic and wildly diverse healthy, fun and adventurous living magazine at http://saxtreme.com/

My Transformation

I’m still working on my own personal transformation which is actually coming along pretty well.  If you are just now hearing about it, you can check out my Xtreme Transformation blog at http://xtremetransformations.wordpress.com/

I know this is just a quick overview and there’s much more to share but this will have to do for now.

Thanks for reading!