I’m dropping weight as I’d expected.  I’m being very mindful of my diet.  It isn’t perfect but I’m improving every day.

I still can’t exercise yet.  My foot is still broken and the orthopedist has informed me that I must wear the clunky exoskeleton boot whenever I’m not elevating and icing.  (I didn’t dare tell him it was easier not to wear it when I was moving heavy boxes up and down stairs when I moved from my apartment to my new house.)  With my abdominal wounds still healing from my surgery and instructions not to lift anything heavy, I’m severely limited as to what I can do for exercise.  (Don’t think I haven’t searched every exercise encyclopedia for anything, ANYTHING, that I could do that wouldn’t require weight on my foot or use of my core muscles.)

It’s all very annoying but  I’d rather heal properly and then catch up than try to do too much too soon and be injured forever.