last minute, diet, weight loss, panic!Looking at where I am as opposed to where I was in November and it doesn’t look good for 6 months.  Overall, I’ve lost 8lbs and 4% bodyfat.

If we look at the details, we’ll see that I’ve lost 9.36lbs of fat and gained 1.36lbs of muscle.

Yes, it’s great to lose fat and gain muscle, but this insanity that is my life (moving twice, getting a magazine started, losing my job and book sales when my publisher closed its doors, starting my own business, self-publishing my books, taking care of my kids every day, a broken foot and abdominal surgery) has really cut into my fitness goals.  Damn, that sounds like a whiner!

When would NOW be a good time to start?  NOW, of course!

I’ve got my Body-for-Life Success Journal fired up, a map laid out for what needs to happen today, this week and this month, quality childcare (in the form of my parents who rarely see the boys) and, blessedly, a completely empty house conducive to my being able to focus for once.

I have 152 days, 5 months, to make some magic.

As happens in my life, I’m coming down to the wire.