will adams, grayson mccouchAgent Dossier: William James Adams

Height: 6’

Weight: 180

Hair: Black, grey at temples

Eyes: Blue

Despite the fact that Will calls Sarah Stevens “Pork Chop”, she’s particularly fond of him.  She knows if she were fat, he’d never call her Pork Chop so it seems like a good gauge.  If she’s “pork chop” she must look alright.

grayson mccouch, will adams, task force 125Will handles all the acquisitions and logistics for the team.  Private jets, guns on a tarmac, pulling strings with customs, and an unending supply of Cuban cigars are his day-to-day.  When the shit goes down, the team needs Will’s medical skills.  He joined the Navy at seventeen as a corpsman and spent most of his career in the Middle East doing surgery in the sand, patching up soldiers before they were shipped home.  Now he patches up gunshot wounds when missions take a sideways detour.

Will is very serious about enjoying the finer things in life like silk shirts, suits and boxers and smoking Cuban cigars.  He drives a forest green Range Rover, drinks only the best Scotch, unless it’s a tequila night, and has been running guns with Vince Hennessee for the CIA for the past 5 years.

Will is divorced.  Navy life kept him and his wife estranged.  She was a Naval intelligence officer with an interest in breeding horses.  When he retired from the Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer and took a job with the CIA, in the finest of spy traditions, they made a show of a public divorce where she took everything.  She retired to a beautiful estancia in Venezuela where she now raises some of the most in-demand polo ponies in the country.  She and Will are still madly in love and meet twice a year for long vacations together where nobody knows either of them.  When Will leaves the CIA he plans to retire in Venezuela and spend his final years with the love of his life.

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