lost chapters, task force 125I received a comment from someone who wanted to see the scene between Sarah Stevens and Vince Hennessee’s ex wife, Lori. I didn’t really understand the comment so I checked the published version of The Path to Freedom and realized that a fight scene I had originally written was not in the final copy. (Mind you, I wrote The Path to Freedom several years ago.)

When you write characters like I do, sometimes you tend to get carried away and write scenes that have everything to do with who a character is but really have no bearing on the plot of the story.

Sarah Stevens and Lori Hennessee did have a scrap but it is one of what I have found to be several “Lost Chapters” in the Task Force 125 series. For the sake of moving the story along, some scenes had to be cut.

Now that I’ve released both electronic and paperback versions of the first three books in the Task Force 125 series, it occurs to me I have several lost chapters I could share that might give readers a little insight into some of their favorite characters in the series as well as a little amusement while I work on the next book in the series.

So…if anyone is interested, I’ll begin releasing several raw (unedited) chapters here on my blog over the next week or so, depending on how many outtakes I have, as I work on Stealing Liberties.  Hopefully they’ll amuse you for a moment or two.