tiredAs a member of the working class, I’m required by a desire for a roof over my head to work for a living.  (If you haven’t noticed, SAXtreme receives no income from subscriptions or ad sales.)  I spent the whole weekend working like crazy to get another book released (also not a big money business) and then the boys arrived back from a visit with their father with their dog in tow.  Now, I should preface the following with the fact that I love dogs.  I truly do.  The problem arises when a dog spends the entire night whining and crying at the door but when you take her out to walk her she looks at you like you’re insane and refuses to step on the grass OR do her business.

Such was my night last night.

No sleep.  Lots of aggravation.  Tons of cortisol coursing through my veins.

Not only am I in the most foul mood possible but I haven’t the energy to even consider going to the gym today.  This cannot continue.  The dog must go home.

I am so tired.