costa pacifica

I’ve had the most unbelievable week!

Sunday began the week wonderfully with a visit to Sam Paniagua, hairdresser to the stars.  When I was little, I had hair all the way down to my butt and other little girls loved playing with it, braiding and unbraiding it or just brushing it.  Ever since, I’ve always found that extremely relaxing.  Having Sam do my hair brings back my childhood that way.  I love when he plays with my hair because it is always so beautiful when he’s done.

On Monday evening, I did my first modeling job.  OK, OK, I’m no model.  I leave that sort of thing to my beautiful friends like Warren Carlyle.  I did get to be the focus of attention, and extremely pampered, when I agreed to be the test subject for a demonstration of the line of NuSkin products my dear friend April Monterrosa is now carrying at The Lil Spa Room.  I’m so proud of April.  She started The Lil Spa Room as a side hustle, you know, those little side businesses we all hope will take off so we can quit the rat race?  Well, April provides such wonderful spa services that she was finally able to take The Lil Spa Room full-time.  Later that evening, I had the pleasure of enjoying a margarita at Costa Pacifica with some other friends.  Netta, Sandra, Lisa and Rissy were wonderful company and it was a lovely evening to relax on the patio.

Tuesday was a day to catch up on some social media and website work for clients.  I love my job!

Wednesday was my meeting with Moris at Costa Pacifica, one of my social media marketing clients.  I always love visiting with Moris.  His whole family is involved in the business and they are all the most gregarious and friendly people to meet.  Moris and his family have been happy with my work and I’ve been blessed to be able to do it and become friends with these dynamic people.  I’m hoping to work with them on this and other projects for a long time to come.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a local tequila distributor that was referred to me by Moris.  They’re about to launch a great line of tequilas, featuring six amazing flavors.  Of course I had to test them and they all received the Lisa Pietsch seal of approval!  Seriously, I LOVE my job!  I’m definitely looking forward to working with this company and hope they’ll accept my proposal.

Today…ah, today is a tricky one.

It could be quiet or

It could be the beginning of something that will change my life forever.

But that could be any day, couldn’t it?