tina gerow, cassie ryan, lisa pietsch, stealing libertiesThere is a lot of work that goes into a producing a book of any real value.  Unless you’re one of writing’s UberStars, it is a team effort involving a writer, cover models, cover artist, line editor, copy editor and publisher.  Self-publishing, like I do now, only eliminates the publisher job and adds to the writer’s job.

Stealing Liberties promises to be my most involved story yet.

Admittedly, A Taste of Liberty and Freedom’s Promise were neither as long nor as engaging as The Path to Freedom and I intend to turn that around with Stealing Liberties.  There are two stories in this project: one from Vince’s point of view and one from Sarah’s.  Both stories cross over and become entangled in each other and yet could easily stand on their own.

Long story short:  I don’t want to muck this up!

So I’ve cut a deal with Tina Gerow, the woman who edited The Path to Freedom for me and she’s agreed to line edit Stealing Liberties.  I’m VERY excited about this.  Now to see how that cover is coming along…