I’m hard at work on edits today! I’m hoping to have Stealing Liberties ready for a November release and, along with hoping, I’m banging out the words on my laptop too! Here’s an excerpt to prove it:

jason statham, jay stanstead, stealing liberties, task force 125, lisa pietsch

The smell of Captain Black tobacco hung in the air and mingled with the scent of burning wood from the large stone fireplace that warmed the Rose & Crown Pub.  Jay Stanstead had been all over the world, but this pub, in this little London neighborhood where he grew up was always home.

Jay cracked a smile as his old friend from the forces, who had retired with him a year ago, gushed on about a new job he’d landed as a mercenary.

“How’d you like to have the same sort of adventures at ten times the pay?”  Ian Urquhart waggled his red eyebrows and his green eyes sparkled as he handed Jay a business card.

Jay read the card.  “Brock Benjamin.  Sentrion Services.”  He glanced up at Ian and took a long drink of his Guinness.  “What’s this?  Your mercenary master?”  He tossed the card back at Ian.

“It’s a P.M.C., you wank.  Nobody says ‘mercenary’ anymore.”