When I started writing The Path to Freedom, my motivation was a creative outlet and some good, old-fashioned escapism.  I continued writing the Task Force stories because The Path to Freedom was well received but a steadily failing marriage and increasing unhappiness took their toll.  Stealing Liberties is different.  In a way, Sarah and I have both been transforming ourselves in parallel universes.

But now I have kids.  Little ones who love hearing stories and are pretty knocked out that Mom is a published author.  I’ve wondered what might motivate someone to write children’s or young adult (YA) books and now I think I know.

tallship, red sails, pirates, fireworks

Every night, I make up a story for my sons.  Each story is about our continuing adventures on a great ship with red sails, piloted by a tall, handsome blue-eyed captain with a shock of grey hair on an otherwise healthy head of close-cut brown hair.  (Hey, I had to give myself something, right?)  So we have our adventures every night and my kids love them.  I think perhaps it is time I take a page from A.A. Milne and Rev. Wilbert Awdry.  I may never be a household name, but there is something so rewarding about being a hero in your child’s eyes.