My horoscope today:

“Ease off a bit while you reconsider how to reach your goal. You have more time than you think to plan your next move.”

So I planned a few moves…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years of trying to do it all, it’s that if I try to do it all, nothing gets done.

I’ve taken a lesson from Leo Babauta and I’m simplifying things a bit.  I’m cutting out the time wasters and making room for quality in my life.  I’m cutting the fat both literally and figuratively.

A big time waster for me has been dating.  While companionship would be nice, it has been a hassle and a waste of my time thus far.  If there’s someone out there I’m meant to be with then it’ll happen when it should, most likely when I’ve reached a point where I’m satisfied with my self and my life.  After all, if we feel “unfinished” then we’re most likely to attract other unfinished people.  It may sound cold, but I don’t need another project.

My first step is cleaning up my diet.  I need to get off the starch.  Yes, there are people who are fiercely supportive of starch and I’m sure they’re off getting their pitchforks sharpened right now, but starch (not gluten, you protein haters) has been my drug of choice.  I’m an addict.  Once I’m off the starch, my mind clears, my ADD isn’t an issue and laser-like focus is possible.  I need a clear head if I’m going to accomplish my goals.

My second step will be to focus on my training regimen.  I Build muscle easily for someone my age (45) and building muscle increases metabolism, so the answer to cutting fat after my diet is cleaned up is to build muscle.  That means getting into the gym and pumping iron.  It’s a sweaty business but anything worth having is worth sweating for.

Before the end if the year, I will be in a position where I’m eating clean and training daily (and writing, of course).

My ambition is to weigh 145 with 20% body fat (any less bodyfat is not recommended for women long term) and to self publish one novel every two months.

Let the simplicity begin!