soah tequila silver reposado anejo extra anejo
Los colores de mi pasión

For those of you who may not have noticed, I’m a pretty big fan of tequila.  To me, it is a food group!  It is also a topic that my brother and I will discuss at great length and provides a special connection for siblings who live so far apart.  I have the pleasure of working with a local tequila importer that imports the brands of El Perrito Tequila and SOAH – Source of all Happiness) tequila.  Today, a fan of SOAH asked a question that was much too long to be answered on Facebook so I thought I’d do so here where I could expound upon the subject and include photos.  Whether you drink tequila or not, I hope you’ll find this somewhat interesting.  Please bear in mind I am a hobbyist, not by any means a professional on the topic but I’ll share what I know with you.  If you’d like more information about tequila, I’d recommend reading articles and blogs by Mike Morales who is a professional tequila journalist.

Anita asked about SOAH Tequila: Tell me about the different colors of SOAH………the letters on the bottles.

Ahh…Anita.  What fun you have allowed me!

soah silver tequila
SOAH Silver Tequila

“SOAH” stands for “Source of All Happiness”.  Source of all Happiness

is too long to use large lettering so it is shortened to an acronym “SOAH” on the bottles with “Source Of All Happiness” written out below it.  It is named Source of all Happiness because some of the happiest of times in many people’s lives are when they enjoy good food and good drink with friends and loved ones.  Enjoying simple pleasures with those we love is what we at SOAH believe is the sunshine of life (thus the Mayan sun design) and the true source of all happiness.

The colors of SOAH aren’t so much color as flavor.  With tequila, the deeper the color, the more robust the flavor.

soah tequila, source of all happiness, reposado
SOAH Reposado Tequila

The Silver (clear) tequila is not aged, but fresh and crystalline in flavor.  This is a lovely tequila for mixed drinks.  The clear bottle has dark blue lettering.

The Reposado is the color of golden sunshine.  The clear bottle has red lettering.  It is called “Reposado” because it has rested.  It has been aged for 10 months in white oak barrels that were previously used for bourbon.  (The industry standard for a tequila to be called a Reposado is aging it for only 2 months.)  It has more body than the Silver with a hint of smoke, spice and fruit flavors that mix well for a smooth taste that glides over the tongue.  This one will mix a margarita that is rich in flavor and is particularly suited to drinks with orange in them.  For a smooth tequila shot, this is the one you want.  Lime and salt are completely unnecessary.

soah anejo tequila
SOAH Anejo Tequila

The Anejo is an amber color.  The clear bottle has aqua lettering.  This has aged for 20 months in those delightful white oak bourbon barrels and has had more time to draw out the flavor in the wood.  (The industry standard for a tequila to be classified as an anejo is aging for one year.)  In the anejo, you will taste hints of nuts, vanilla and caramel.  It has a much more intense flavor and leaves a sweet aftertaste.  This is not the tequila you gulp in a shot.  This is the tequila you drink on the rocks while relaxing outdoors or in a comfortable home with friends.  If you mix it into a margarita, you may not sense the alcohol at all.

soah extra anejo, tequila
SOAH Extra Anejo Tequila

The Extra Anejo is the dark caramel color.  The clear bottle has white lettering.  This has been aged for 45 months.  (The industry standard for aging an extra anejo is three years.)  The Extra Anejo is the perfect dessert.  Sip it straight from a tequila snifter or a wine glass at room temperature.  You will taste the flavors of almonds, vanilla, plums, dark chocolate, cinnamon and clove.  I love to pair this with dark chocolate truffles.  The flavors of both complement each other immensely.

So it is with the colors of my passion and the flavors of tequila.  The richer the color, the finer the flavor.  I recommend tasting all of them and enjoying the simple pleasures each brings.

You can find out more about SOAH Tequila and get news on where to find complimentary tastings on Facebook.