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Special thanks to Armando Villalpando (@TequilaChemist) for the spectacular Tequila Nuestro Orgullo that inspired this blog and also for the distinct honor of receiving their first pink bottle.
Muchas gracias!

I have a theory: Women who drink cheap tequila are misled while women who drink fine tequilas are misunderstood.

I see it as a power thing.  Women who drink cheap tequila are giving away their power.  They’re drinking to get drunk or somebody is helping them drink to get drunk and eventually be taken advantage of in some subtle or not so subtle way.  These are the stereotyped tequila girls who get stupid drunk, go home with some dirtbag, and regret the whole thing in the morning.  I say those women are giving away their power.

A woman who drinks fine tequila is taking charge.  Women who know who they are know they deserve no less than top quality – and understand that quality isn’t necessarily dictated by a price tag.  They’re often referred to as a ballbusters, broads, and/or bitches.


Because they’re the women who throw convention out the window.  They choose their own path and blaze their own trails.  They don’t fit into society’s pretty little princess box because they have a wild, fearless, untamed side and make their own rules.  They don’t drink to get drunk or forget their lives.  They have great lives and enjoy every moment.  When they drink, it’s because they’re savoring the spirit of the moment with a fine spirit and the one they choose is tequila.

The woman who enjoys a quality tequila is the kind of woman who has a quality life – or she’s building one – and she chooses to celebrate every moment.

Look into the eyes of a woman who drinks fine tequila and you’ll see a rare spark of spirit.  She is the maiden, mother and crone, the holy trinity of all that is woman and she knows it.  She is likely a force to be reckoned with.  Watch her and buckle up, bitches, because you can be sure that whatever happens next, she’s running the show.

Here’s to the great broads who don’t settle for less than they deserve!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love yourself and treat yourself to the good stuff today.

You deserve it.

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