If you want to be successful, study successful people. Really study them. Success arises from systems, not a single task. You don’t get successful by just doing one specific thing the successful person does. Look at all the work that went into their success before you marvel at their “easy” life.

If you've never waffled your face by falling asleep on your keyboard, you may not be working hard enough.
If you’ve never waffled your face by falling asleep on your keyboard, you may not be working hard enough.

It’s so easy to look at a successful person and make assumptions.  Too often, most people do just that.  I knew a woman once who found out I was a multi-published author paying my rent with my royalties.  She told me she’d always wanted to be a writer so I told her to write something.  I even gave her several opportunities to be published in my magazine.  What did she do?  She changed her Facebook status to “Writer & Public Speaker” and then spent her time texting gossip and shouting at people in bars.

I guess there’s some writing and speaking involved in that, but she pretty much missed the point.

She was squatting in a run-down trailer with no water or electricity last I heard.

The “Fake it till you make it” concept only applies so long as you’re putting in the sweat and hustle necessary to actually make it.  If it were as easy as changing your Facebook status and walking around all puffed up then everybody would be doing it.

But everybody isn’t doing it.

It takes more than bullshit.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

~Pablo Picasso

All the successful people I know are that way because they’ve put in the time, sweat, and tears to get there.  None of them had it handed to them.  They found something they loved and they applied themselves to reaching a goal with it.  It had to be something they loved because you can’t do something 18 hours a day if you just don’t love it.  Most of them had to start their labor of love as a side hustle too!  They’d work eight hours a day at their J-O-B and then go home and work another 8-10 hours on their labor of love.  That’s how they got successful.

  • They worked through the night when they’d rather sleep.
  • They worked in the car, in the bus, on the airplane, or on the boat while they traveled.
  • They worked on their phone, tablet or laptop in the bathroom in the morning because they don’t believe a morning bowel movement is a time to rest!
  • They worked while they were in line at the grocery store.

They took action consistently and they did all the work, not just the stuff that the average bystander sees.

In the end, it all comes down to one question:

Are you a Faker or a Maker?