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Brian Allen is going to do some violence on her behalf in this story

I’m writing again!  Here’s a short excerpt that may or may not make the final cut:

Brian felt the itch of a stare and turned to see the most stunning woman he’d ever laid eyes on.  Her shoulder length, light brown hair shimmered with subtle highlights that gave her tanned skin a glow.  Her brown eyes sparkled as she watched him.  She was sitting in a booth but any fool could see she had the body of a knockout with lean, strong legs, a tiny waist, and a rack he’d love to nuzzle.  He’d seen plenty of women in his time, but this one took his breath away.

She met his gaze boldly.

He smiled and watched as her full lips curled into a grin, revealing perfectly white teeth.

When the bartender returned with his tequila, Brian leaned in.  “See that Latina in the booth over there?”

“She’s hard to miss.”

“Is she with anyone?”

“Haven’t seen anyone man enough yet.”

“Better get me one of whatever she’s drinking.”  He winked conspiratorially.  “I’m going in.”

The bartender chuckled.  “Yes, sir.”

Brian pocketed his coin as the bartender set a gin and tonic down by the tequila.

He paid the man and left a hefty tip.  Tipping well early in the evening was a valuable lesson his mother had taught him.  She’d always said women would be impressed with a man who didn’t have to wait long for good service, and she was never wrong.