facebook, likes, friends, fans, how to, tutorialA friend recently asked me: “I need to get some “Likes” for my Facebook Page. Any ideas?  I already did the friends invite.”

Of course I had an idea! 

The “Invite Friends” function, where you can click the “Invite” button for individual friends from your Admin Panel, is a hit or miss, shotgun style approach. It can also be very annoying for your friends if you keep inviting the same person every day.  Some friends get multiple invitations in a single week while others don’t hear from you about your Facebook Page at all.

When you use my approach, as outlined in the downloadable PDF below, by clicking on “Build Audience” and then on “Invite Friends” then the friends who have received an invitation or have already liked your page will be subdued and you won’t be able to click on them (this keeps you from being a pain in the ass). This also allows you to systematically target each friend you have to be sure they’ve received an invitation to like your page.  After a few weeks, the friends who received invitations but haven’t Liked your page yet will show up in color and you can try inviting them again.

I’ve never been a fan of the shotgun approach when it comes to hitting a mark.  “Spray & pray” is a waste of energy and ammunition.  I’m a one-shot, one-kill kind of gal and that goes for social media too.  If you want to save your time and energy, use my strategy.

Click here to download my FREE PDF tutorial!