glastonbury torI go back sometimes.  I’d only been there once, but that was all it took.  Some places leave an imprint on your soul.  Some are negative, some positive.

I find the Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio one of those soul-sucking spots on earth where the cries of others have imprinted themselves so indelibly that they become a psychic black hole that sucks you in as you climb the stairs.

By contrast, Glastonbury Tor was one of those places that drew me in and infused my soul with something very special.  I remember, as I climbed the hill, the rest of the world seemed to disappear.  It was a very special experience as reached the top and looked out over the plains.  The wind picked up and tossed my hair, but it didn’t matter.  I saw the sky surrounding me as it never had, the scent of the ocean on the wind filled my lungs and something that can only be described as Chi coursed through my body.  My senses came alive and time stood still as I stood there, atop the Tor, watching the sun set and the stars and moon bring their glow to the sky.  Anything seemed possible.

I had to leave too soon for my liking.  I could have stayed all night.

But the memory, magical and invigorating, remains with me.

When I need to, I close my eyes and go back.