facebook groups, etiquetteI have a long list of author friends on Facebook.  I love being able to stay on top of their career news there and it’s always my pleasure to visit and “Like” their Facebook Fan Pages (unless, of course, they create a fan page for each new book they release, but that’s a blog for another day).  Today, I’d like to address the use and abuse of Facebook Groups.

Back in the early days of Facebook, you could invite your friends to join a group.  Their joining was a two-step process, you invited and they either accepted or rejected the invitation, end of process.  This was a great system because people had the option to join or not.  Nobody was being forced into anything by their friends, and everybody got a warm fuzzy feeling from it (except the super-pushy, high-pressure, uptight, narcissistic, dill wads that thought everyone should want to join their particular group).

Then things changed…

Facebook changed their system and allowed people to add any and all of their friends to any Facebook group out there.  People, I’m telling you now, don’t be that super-pushy, high-pressure, uptight, narcissistic, dill wad that thinks everyone should want to join your particular group.  If you think a friend might enjoy being part of a particular group, send them a private message and ask them if they’d like you to add them to the group.  If you think all of your friends would be interested in joining a group, create a Facebook post, on your profile – not theirs, that tells them about the group and include the link to it so they can add themselves.  If it is a private group, create that Facebook post, again on your profile – not theirs, that tells them about the group and then mention they should comment on your post if they’d like to be added.

If you’re the type of super-pushy, high-pressure, uptight, narcissistic, dill wad who adds friends to groups indiscriminately, expect to have those friends promptly UNFRIEND you.  Never add people to groups without first asking their permission – regardless of what Facebook allows you to do.

Just because Facebook allows it doesn’t mean it won’t piss people off.

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